PixelWave the perfect solution for every Vacation Home, Hotel or Restaurant!

We all love our spare time. We love vacation, good food and gorgeous places where we can let go our souls. Everybody loves to explore new places and stunning locations. The internet is a great source to discover and inform about great places in advance and even to book them directly.
In the past, we worked together with lots of gastronomes, hoteliers, property manager and vacation home agencies and know the challenges and needs in this sector very well.
This is the reason why we started the project PixelWave, which is especially designed to fulfill the needs of the mentioned business areas. It’s a great mix between professional and sustainable Web Design from Pixel D and a perfect customized marketing and digital strategy especially for this sector. Our aim is to offer you the perfect service product to manage the challenges of tourism sector in the best possible way!

Our Services:

  • State-of-the-Art Web Design with a system that fulfills all your requirements perfectly.
  • Responsive Design – Ideal display on all (mobile) devices.
  • SEO Optimization inclusive semantic definition.
  • Production of Image Videos: film, cut, integration and distribution.
  • Connection with analytical tools.
  • Compliant data security and law regulations.
  • Connection with all important social media services (like Facebook, Foursquare, …).
  • With our translation service you can reach the whole world.
  • Set up of Facebook pages, Twitter, etc.
  • Hosting of your websites, e-mail addresses, domains, … 
  • Market research - we support you in setting up the perfect marketing strategy for your house, restaurant, hotel, …
  • Bonus: Drone videos with our Service PixelAir: Video making, editing, integration and viral distribution.

Our stunning video shows you an example of how your vacation home could be represented.
Every project is different and unique and has its on spirit. Let us inspire you with our ideas! From our wide variate of services we will offer you the perfect solution for your success. Different to other agencies, we will not offer you fixed packages, but every customer receives a customized offer which fits to his requirements and needs.It’s free of charge! The first meeting is important to get to know each other and to exchange about possible strategies.

This should happen in a relaxing, but productive atmosphere. Only traveling costs may accrue, depending on the distance. Of course, the first meeting could also take place via phone or video conference (like Skype).